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Off-Road Vehicle By INEOS Automotive To Be Launched In 2022

TNI || New Delhi || 29th Sept 2021

INEOS Automotive, a unit of the chemicals and energy giant, INEOS is on the verge of launching an off-road rugged vehicle in Europe and North America in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

The launch will also take place in Africa as well as in the Middle East, somewhere around 2022.

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The vehicle will be put to efficient use for farmers and other rural works. There is a plan of initially launching a utilitarian version of the Grenadier, which will be important for the North American market.

As far as the US market is concerned, the pick-up trucks comprise a sizeable and immensely profitable portion of the total automobile industry sales.

The boxy Grenadier will comprise the petrol and diesel engines and drive trains that will be built by BMW.

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The manufacturing of the vehicle will begin at a former Daimler AG passenger car plant in France which INEOS has already acquired from the German carmaker in 2020.

INEOS’ Automotive Head in the UK, Middle East, and North Africa, Gary Pearson has said that the combustion engine technology which their company is using is the apt one for today’s market.

But due to the bans on fossil fuel vehicles which is very much evident in Europe, INEOS is looking out for hydrogen fuel-cell technology in order to adopt the practice of implementing zero-emission in its Grenadier version rather than going for electric completely. 

Pearson adds that with time electric technology may be the right for the company, but as of today, in terms of range and the weight of the batteries in a vehicle that needs to pull and lift things, It may not be the ideal choice.