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India’s AIS Provisions of Checking Emissions Have Some Enormous Gaps That Need To Be Addressed

TNI || New Delhi || 21st Dec 2021

For the first time in India, in-service conformity tests, especially for heavy-duty vehicles, are being introduced with Bharat Stage 6 regulation.

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Due to these tests, the manufacturers will be more accountable when it comes to in-use emissions and to bridge that wide gap between lab-based emissions as well as real-world emissions.

Although the tests are not a compulsion until April 2023, the requirements for data processing and testing have been established already.

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As of now, there is very little public information available when it comes to the real-world emission performance of heavy-duty vehicles in India, but this work aims to address that gap by conducting PEMS tests on BS-VI, one truck, and one bus. 

Apart from evaluating emission-based performance, researchers also conducted a comprehensive no exclusion-based test at different engine loads as well as speeds.

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Notably, both the truck as well as the bus were found to be well under control for nitrogen oxide emissions through the country’s AIS provisions.

That being said, when the Euro provisions were applied, emissions increased for both the vehicles, more in the case of the bus, which indicated emissions almost 2.2 times higher than the limits.

The overall results put out the fact that India’s AIS provisions have some large gaps as compared to Euro 6 provisions and do not capture emissions as well as they should.