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In India, NuPort Robotics To Make Trucking Safer

TNI || New Delhi || 16th April 2022

NuPort Robotics, a Canadian autonomous trucking company, has entered India, establishing a base of operations in Pune in conjunction with the World Trade Centre, Pune.

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By integrating level 2 driverless vehicles into the transportation sector, the business hopes to make Indian roadways safer.

The World Trade Center Pune’s connections will help even more with the company’s global expansion.

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Level 2 autonomy, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), analysis of data, as well as driver suggestions are the key ways NuPort Robotics improves trucking systems.

These will be included in commercial trucking activities such as long-distance trucking, delivery, and other services in order to make the job safer, more comfortable, and more efficient.

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NuPort Robotics will collaborate with the country’s largest vehicle manufacturers, with an emphasis on electric vans and trucks.

Tata, Daimler, Mahindra, Eicher, Kinetic, IPLT, and E-Trio are among the companies currently operating in this sector.

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Their extension of activities into India is with the purpose of improving road safety for heavy-duty commercial vehicles, stated Raghavender Sahdev, co-founder of NuPort Robotics.

They intend to collaborate alongside big manufacturers to scale up the deployment of their technology across the country.

The collaboration with the World Trade Center Pune allows them to not only expedite the sales strategy, but also help in operations and strategic company development in India.

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India is moving toward production and development of electric vehicles, and NuPort’s technology has the potential to complement electric vehicles with artificial intelligence, attempting to make them safe and secure to continue operating and having a direct impact on the automotive industry and broader society, said Niraj Khinvasara, Chief Innovation Officer of the World Trade Center, Pune.

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World Trade Center Pune is excited and looking forward to partnering with NuPort and assisting its business and operating growth initiatives, both in India and abroad, he adds.

This is a one-of-a-kind development that aims to improve the working conditions of truckers in India and throughout the world, as well as increase trucker safety on the road and make them less of a hazard to other vehicles and motorists.