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In 3 years, RapidEVChargeE Seeks To Grow Its National Footprint To 5,000 Charging Units

TNI || New Delhi || 15th April 2022

RapidEVChargeE, an electric vehicle charging solutions firm based in Coimbatore, is planning to expand its footprint across India, with the goal of installing 5,000 EV charging units over the next three years.

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RapidEVChargeE’s patented software, besides manufacturing a wide range of EV chargers, is the only indigenously designed system that delivers interoperability and an optimised user experience, as per a corporate announcement issued recently.

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RapidEVChargE has designed products to fulfil the requirements of individual or common usage users for household or commercial utility, capitalising on India’s huge EV market opportunity. 

By deploying AC, DC, and CC varieties of chargers, RapidEVChargE is on the fast track to grow across Tamil Nadu and beyond, its founder and CEO Sivasubramaniam stated in the announcement.

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He added that the company is in talks with manufacturers and other businesses to offer them suitable EV charging options.

With a vast portfolio of 14 models, the RapidEVChargeE platform is cloud-based and offers simple EV charging solutions, including payment, he added.

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Significant investments in R&D and product development are being made in India’s EV technology evolution, both in terms of automotive platforms and battery/charging tech. According to Sivasubramaniam,

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India will require around 500,000 charging stations to accommodate the demand for two million electric vehicles on the roads by 2026. RapidEVChargE happens to be a division of Fenfeo Automation Private Limited, which was founded in 2018 and is also recognised by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The company offers credible, secure, and sophisticated technology for electric vehicle charging, with its primary goal being to cut carbon emissions by enabling the use of electric vehicles.