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ID. Buzz AD From Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Will Have Argo AI As Its Partner

TNI || New Delhi || 8th Sept 2021

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has brought to the fore a prototype of the self-driving completely electric vehicle, ID. Buzz AD.

It is developed in conjunction with Argo AI and the series versions of the EV are expected to commence operations in 2025. The first company to utilize the AV will be MOIA.

Argo AI, headquartered in Munich will be developing the self-driving system-SDS for the ID. Buzz AD.

This will include maps, hardware & software, and also the cloud support infrastructure that will help in powering the vehicle.

Testing of the vehicle has been carried out in conjunction with Volkswagen at Argo’s development center in Neufahrn, Germany.

The company has a nine-hectare closed course that will be beneficial to test unique European driving conditions.

Notably, the self-driving system by Argo will consist of an array of sensors and computing platforms that will help provide a 360-degree awareness of the vehicle’s environment.

This will enable the ID. Buzz AD to gauge the movements of pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles and subsequently will help the vehicle drive, brake, and steer safe much like what the humans do.

With a combination of cameras, radar and lidar, the vehicle will have the ability to detect objects as far as 400 meters due to their high positioning on the roof.

According to Christian Senger, Autonomous Driving Head, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, the vehicle shall have a combination of 11 radar, 14 cameras, distributed across it and therefore will be able to capture more than what humans would do.

As per the founder and CEO of Argo AI, the ID. Buzz AD test fleet is a milestone in their partnership with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.  

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