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Hummer Electric Pickup Deliveries To Begin In December

TNI || New Delhi || 30th Nov 2021


General Motors will begin the delivery of its Hummer Electric Pickup truck in December.

The top of the line edition 1 will have a driving range of 329 miles. The launch price of the model is pegged at $100,000, and EV models with a higher driving range and lower price bracket will follow suit in 2023.

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It is well to be noted that more than 80% of registrations of the Hummer Edition 1 pickups are already done, and nearly half of more than 125,000 people showing interest in Hummer have put forth $100 to book the truck.

The Hummer EV will join the Rivian Automotive electric pickup in the market.

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Ford Motor Co. is also on the verge of introducing the electric F-150 lightning in 2022. On the other hand, electric automobile major, Tesla is already putting in place a plant in Austin, Texas, to build the Cybertruck pickup.

A fortnight ago, GM showed off its Hummer, which was built in a matter of just 18 months, and as per the officials, they have sold out first-year worth pickups already.