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HP & Embark Trucks Join Electric Drayage and Driverless Operations

HP & Embark Trucks Join Electric Drayage and Driverless Operations

TNI || New Delhi || 16th Sept 2021

HP, which is a technology provider, and Embark Trucks, an autonomous-technology company, are collaborating to combine electric and autonomous trucks for a more sustainable distribution network.

HP & Embark will use BYD electric-drayage trucks to transport goods to and from highway-adjacent transfer points of Embark.

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The loads will be shifted to the trucks, which will be equipped with the Embark Driver software.

Embark looks to a fleet of more efficient autonomous trucks and these zero-emissions drayage vehicles will remove an estimate of 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide and other pollutants over the next decade from HP’s distribution network.

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According to HP, leveraging sustainable freight technologies like these vehicles holds the key to reducing emissions and ensure compliance with these rules.

As per Jessica Kipp, global head of WW Logistics, HP, the goal of the company is to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across its value chain by 2040.

She added in the news release that the company is driving innovative solutions due to the support of partners like Embark and BYD so as to reduce the environmental impact of traditional trucks within the supply chain and also increase speed and efficiency for the customers.

This EV drayage pilot will allow HP to leverage clean-running BYD 8TT electric trucks within its supply chain and will lower carbon on the longer middle legs of the trip while gaining efficiency of Embark-equipped autonomous trucks, including better fuel economy and less idling.

With the intent of piloting a program for autonomous trucks as an element in achieving its broader carbon footprint and sustainability goals, in May 2021, HP joined Embark’s Partner Development Program.

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According to Alex Rodrigues, CEO of Embark, the company is combining the best of both worlds. He added that autonomous as well as electric trucks are powerful support for HP that will help the trucking industry to reduce diesel emissions and continue to deliver goods to businesses and consumers.

Vincent Pellecchia, strategic account manager of BYD Motors says that they are excited to be part of this creative solution that decreases emissions from freight movement, and by working with Embark, they will be giving companies like HP the tools with which they will create sustainable supply chains.