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Hino’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Debuts At The Coveted ACT Expo, California

Hino has bring to the fore a hydrogen fuel cell-centric prototype of the Class 8 XL8 truck at the ACT Expo on August 31 in Long Beach, California.

This prototype has a 12-volt battery system as well as a high voltage battery which works with fuel cells and thus provides power and torque that according to the company are equal to or better than diesel.

The hydrogen tanks in this variant are located in the cabinet which is behind the cab. Also behind it is a two-motor system as well as transmission and a prop shaft that leads to the rear differential.

In a pre-show event at the Michigan headquarters, the company officials revealed that the truck is powered by a couple of Toyota fuel cells that are specially designed for commercial vehicles.

In a recent announcement made by Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Kentucky, they shall begin the assembling of the fuel cell modules for heavy-duty use in commercial trucks by the start of 2023.

As per Hino’s Senior Vice President of Customer Experience, Glenn Ellis, they are looking forward to validating the performance and efficiency of the hydrogen fuel cell electric system that will be used in the XL series chassis.

The launch of this prototype is a part of Hino’s Project Z, which is the company’s path to zero-emission vehicles.