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Hino Trucks Begins Field Testing Allison’s Completely Electric Axle

TNI || New Delhi || 11th March 2022

Hino Trucks has finished vehicle installation and begun testing and validation of Allison’s newest version of eGen PowerTM 100D pure electric axle in its XL series of big heavy battery electric vehicles (BEVs) as the company moves closer to commercialization.

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When evaluating the electric axles available in today’s competitive market, Hino chose the Allison eGen Power 100D because of its outstanding benefits, which include electromechanical sophistication, a next-generation control system, and industry-leading packaging, said Hino Truck’s Senior VP, Customer Experience, Glenn Ellis.

He added that all through the vehicle testing and development process, Allison has been a true collaborator.

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They applaud their flexibility to change and enhance the e-Axle to match the requirements, and that they are excited to work alongside Allison to bring Hino’s new, highly unique, fully-electric heavy-duty trucks to market. 

During NTEA’s Work Truck Week, Allison and Hino will welcome a limited group of customers for a ride and test of one of the eGen Power 100D-equipped Hino XL battery electric tractors at Allison’s Global Headquarters.

Their Auburn Hills, MI electric axle development and manufacturing facility is now developing the next generation of eGen Power 100D, stated Allison Technologies, VP-North America Sales, Rohan Barua.

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He further said that they are well positioned to market a broad portfolio of fully electric propulsion systems, including electric axles, thanks to Allison’s considerable investments and competence in electric hybrid technology. 

As they improve the eGen family of electric propulsion systems to satisfy the particular needs of the OEM and fleet clients, we’re happy to continue our strong cooperation with Hino.

The fully integrated eGen Power 100D contains two motors, each capable of generating 454 kW of continuous capacity, with a peak combined power of 652 kW, making it one of the strongest motor axle systems in the world.

The e-Axle incorporates a two-speed transmission into the central housing, allowing for the strong torque required to move big loads while simultaneously enhancing productivity at cruise speeds.

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The eGen Power 100D has a total axle weight rating of 10.4 tonnes (23,000 pounds) with differential lock capabilities.

The improved performance and efficiency translate to longer duty cycles and greater range capability, maximising the financial benefit that e-Axles provide to end customers.

Hino and its customers will gain access to Allison’s worldwide network of authorised distributors and retailers for training, service, and aftermarket support to keep their vehicles operating smoothly.