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Government of India Aims To Expand Ethanol Industry To 2 Lac Crore

TNI || New Delhi || 10th Oct 2021

India’s Road Transport & Highways Minister, Nitin Gadkari, has said that to decrease the levels of pollution in the country, the Government is aiming at an INR 2 lac crore ethanol economy which currently is at a size of INR 20,000 crore.

He is of an opinion that the development of an extensive ethanol industry will mean that there will be new markets emerging for the biomass and agricultural sector of the country.

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In the advent to do so, the minister has rightfully said that the flex-fuel vehicles shall play a crucial role in ensuring a decarbonized transport sector which will, in turn, prove to be sustainable for the environment, ecology, and the economic fabric of the country.

In a statement, Gadkari said that they are going to make it compulsory for all the vehicle manufacturers to adopt flex-fuel technology.

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He cited examples of Brazil, the USA, and Canada for the steps taken in this regard. India’s agriculture-rich economy can be tapped in order to produce more power and energy.

He further added that the government intends to have a vehicle sales penetration of 70% in the case of commercial vehicles by the end of this decade.