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Geotab & GM Set Foot On Delivering Real-Time In-Vehicle Coaching For Drivers

TNI || New Delhi || 25th Oct 2021

Geotab has confirmed that it is working upon the General Motors fleet and OnStar Business Solutions, which will provide an in-vehicle coaching service through Geotab Integrated Solution.

This new edition of safety will provide service on real-time spoken alerts, which will help keep the drivers’ eyes on the road, enhance and promote good driving habits, and overall, will help achieve improved fleet safety.

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The feedback service given by the driver is also a part of the Geotab Integrated Solution for GM.

This service is designed to trigger events through audible alerts, which will be delivered via the vehicle’s infotainment system whenever certain driving conditions are met.

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It is also equipped to provide insights on the specific driving behaviors that will not only help create awareness but will also encourage safe driving habits by way of coaching drivers in real-time.

The feedback solution, which will be integrated, in a way, allows fleets and operations to encourage safer driving and thereby reduce accidents.

The alerts will be on seat belts, hard acceleration and braking, speeding above the prescribed or already set up speed, and speeding on the maximum threshold.