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Full Electric Volta Zero Vehicles Production Starts

TNI || New Delhi || 18th Nov 2021

A leader in disruptive full-electric commercial vehicle manufacturing, Volta Trucks has begun the production of its first Design Verification prototype named Volta Zero at a customized facility in the UK at Coventry.

These DV prototypes will be the first fully electric vehicles from Volta that will be built in the newly unveiled production-ready design.

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An estimated 25 vehicles will be developed, and once completed in January, the entire fleet will be put to a rigorous testing regime.

The manufacturing will involve Volta Trucks engineers who will replicate a wide range of customer usage as well as delivery cycles, test Volta Zero in extreme cold weather conditions like in the Arctic or hot environment, and also validate safety, durability as well as reliability through crash testing.

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The results that come out of the DV testing programme will then be inserted into the final prototype stage, which is referred to as Production Verification-PV.

The prototype will be manufactured at the new manufacturing plant of the company in Austria by mid-2022.

These prototypes will be then lent to select customers for elaborated periods for testing in the real world logistic conditions for millions of kilometres under Volta Trucks engineers’ supervision.

Chief Product Officer of Volta Trucks, Ian Collins, said that the first Volta Zero chassis was put to test in August this year and a huge amount of data has already been extracted from the vehicle.

The feedback has been integrated into the design verification prototypes, which have already started production.

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The company is now moving into a rapid test, learn, iterate and develop phase. Collins added that this is going to be far more condensed and intense testing than the regular vehicle program, given the ambitious timeline of next year delivery.

The testing will ensure that the end product which comes out from the production line by 2022 end delivers the highest standards in quality and exceeds the expectations of customers.