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Fuelmax Endurance Tire Line For Trucks Introduced By Goodyear

TNI || New Delhi || 27th Sep. 2021

A tire line has been announced by Goodyear that will be aimed at commercial truck applications.

Named as Fuelmax Endurance, this line will offer versatile and fuel efficient tire option for steer and drive axles on highways and inter-regional roads.

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This new Goodyear tire range will help European fleets and truck manufacturers to reduce carbon emissions to a great extent.

The company hopes to achieve this feat by combining fuel efficiency with durability, traction, and mileage.

The Fuelmax S Endurance Steer tire will feature IntelliMax Rib Technology by Goodyear with specific rib distribution and groove geometry.

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Since the fact that stiffeners are located in the tires shoulder grooves connect when the tire rolls, the robustness of the tire increases.

As per Gregory Boucharlat, who is the VP. Commercial Europe for Goodyear, vehicle manufacturers, operators as well as fleet managers are under continuous pressure to meet sustainability targets.

He adds that with this new product line, Goodyear wants to bridge the gap between sustainability and reality in real time operations.

The standard sized tires are designed to cover a wide range of haulage applications to lower emission levels by approximately 2% if compared to C-label tire when it comes to fuel efficiency.