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Fuel Crisis Leads To Truck Deliveries Being Suspended In Italy

TNI || New Delhi || 12th March 2022


Due to the recent “explosion” in gasoline costs, Italy’s road haulage companies have announced that services will be suspended across the country beginning Monday, March 14th.

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According to Italian media sources, Trasportiunito, the Italian haulage industry union, stated the planned action was not really a strike, but rather an “inevitable” suspension of services owing to “force majeure”—specifically, the rising cost of fuel.

In a letter delivered to the government this week, the union said it was organising action taken by hauliers who “are no longer able to ensure contractual duties” due to gasoline prices.

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It’s unclear how long this suspension will remain, but industry groups have warned that if the government does not intervene to lower fuel prices, prices will climb.

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According to retail group Codacons, the hauliers’ actions will result in a “spike” in retail prices, causing further challenges for consumers and companies already grappling with rising energy costs.

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Though price hikes are predicted, supermarket executives in Italy claimed that supply chains are not in immediate danger following reports of a transport blockade of Sardinia’s ports that allegedly sparked panic shopping on the island this week