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Foshan Municipality In China Gets Delivery of Hyzon Motors’ Eight Dump Trucks

TNI || New Delhi || 6th Dec 2021

A leading supplier of zero-emission fuel cell electric heavy vehicles, Hyzon Motors Inc. has confirmed that it has delivered eight dump trucks as a part of a trial to the Foshan Dump Truck Association.

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The trucks have already been deployed in the Foshan municipality of China.

As and when a successful trial is conducted, which is most likely to be at the end of 2021, Hyzon will look to have orders from other members of the association, which will also include hydrogen fuel as well as service along with the vehicle.

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Due to the combination, an acceleration is expected in the transition towards a hydrogen-powered vehicle through reducing upfront investment and also ensuring stability.

According to Hyzon CEO and Co-founder Craig Knight, the city of Foshan has taken extraordinary steps to enable the hydrogen ecosystem, and by way of deploying the dump trucks, it is setting an example of their commitment to meaningful actions.

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Significantly, municipal dump truck operations are more suitable when it comes to hydrogen fuel cell technology than diesel fuels. Besides, operating the hydraulic lifts also requires significant power which can be attained consistently by Hyzon’s high-density fuel.