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Ford Pro Charging, An EV Charging Project Launched By The Automobile Giant To Assist Its Commercial Customers

To help its commercial customers switch to EVs, Ford is launching a new project wherein it will sell EV charging installation equipment as well as software management tools.

As per the company, it is likely to sell more than 300,000 EV’s, both to government and business agencies across the next decade.

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With the high influx of EVs expected, the company has launched a project called Ford Pro Charging.

This project will end up providing necessary software and hardware, just to ensure that charging of the electric vehicles is done well.

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All the Ford commercial vehicles will come equipped with telematics software. This software will ensure that owners keep a tab on the location of vehicles, charging status as well as their health.

The logic behind this software is to help commercial fleet operators know when and where, as well as how often they will need to charge their EVs.

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This fleet software from the company will assist operators to tackle unconventional problems that might come up as they switch to EVs in near future.

For example, it is often found out that workers take their vehicle home at night, get it filled with gas, and are reimbursed by the employer.

Ford, on the other hand, will help install home chargers for these workers and find out a way to reimburse them for the cost of at-home charging.

With Ford Pro charging, customers will have to subscribe to the software platform, which in turn, will switch subscription fees as recurring revenue for the company.

As far as the modality of the subscription is concerned, customers will have to pay based on charge ports or the number of vehicles that are in operation.

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As expected, the company will help install charging points either at a customer’s depot or home. When it comes to the subscription amount, the company has declined to disclose the numbers as of now.