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For Its Totally Electric Prime Van Ex Works, Rivian Chooses Continental Tyres

TNI || New Delhi || 22nd March 2022

Rivian, an electric vehicle manufacturer, uses Continental tyres on its fully electric RPV 500 and RPV 700 delivery vans, which were built for a major online retailer in the United States.

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Rivian Prime Vans (RPVs) come standard with size LT245/70 R16 VanContact A/S all-season tyres for the North American market.The VanContact A/S was created to fulfil Rivian’s specific requirements.

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The primary focus was to achieve high mileage and minimal rolling resistance in the tyre.

Because the delivery vehicle is battery-powered, there was an additional need for a large load capacity.

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The vehicles are heavier than comparable combustion engine models due to the weight of the battery.

The VanContact A/S tread pattern includes multiple sipes, broad lateral grooves, and extensive longitudinal grooves in the shoulder.

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This improves water distribution and evacuation while also ensuring improved braking, aquaplaning, and traction on wet surfaces.

Snow grip swirls in the shoulder that interlock with the snow surface provide safe performance in the snow.

The tire’s high rigidity is due to block-to-block linkages across the tread pattern, which ensures good steering control and outstanding handling.

Both fuel and efficiency in the snow could be enhanced with an upgraded tread compound.

Continental is a renowned tyre producer whose products are used by automakers all over the world. Continental tyres are fitted to nearly every third vehicle in Europe.

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It provides tyres to seven of the 10 most popular electric vehicle manufacturers worldwide.The premium tyre manufacturer offers summer, winter, and all-season tyres for a range of commercial and individual vehicles in the van category.

Continental offers the VanContact A/S Ultra all-season tyre in Europe, which is tough, long-lasting, and offers excellent mileage and snow performance.

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In North America, the VanContact A/S LT245/70 R17 119/116 Q is certified for both OEM and replacement tyres on Rivian RPV 500 and 700 delivery vans.