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Following California, Oregon Too Follows Clean-Trucks Rules

TNI || New Delhi || 22nd Nov 2021

The new rules in the US state of Oregon will enhance the electrification of package delivery vans, commercial tractors, school buses and waste haulers.

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The Oregon Environmental Commission has embraced the Advanced Clean Truck rule as well as the Heavy-Duty Omnibus rule.

Both the rules are the same as what happens in California and concern the sale of new medium and heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, vans, and buses.

The new rule will compel Oregon truck manufacturers to offer increased new sales so as to be zero-emission MHD vehicles.

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Under the new rule, from 2025, the vehicle manufacturers will have to sell zero-emission vehicles at a certain percentage of the overall sales.

They will have to increase the zero-emission truck sales depending upon the truck size.

The percentage will hover around 40-75% of all new sales which will be depending on the class of trucks.

The rule will also require a one time reporting for particular businesses that are functioning one or more units in Oregon that either dispatch five or more medium or heavy-duty trucks.

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It is well to be noted that since not all sectors would be able to transition to zero-emission technology, the demand for conventional technology shall still be there.

This is where California developed a regulation for Heavy Duty Engine and Vehicle Omnibus to reduce tailpipe emissions. Oregon is now going ahead with the same rule.