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Fleet Uptime Increased In The Fourth Quarter, According To TMC And FleetNet

TNI || New Delhi || 14th March 2022

Between unexpected road repairs, the fleet averaged 42,459 miles of operation in the last three months of 2021, an increase of 18.4 percent from 34,652 in the previous quarter.

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According to the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council and FleetNet America’s newest truckload vertical benchmark study, that’s the reality.

As per Tim Moore, VP TMcare with FleetNet America said that fleets are paying close attention to preventative upkeep while operating shorter distances compared to the preceding, which shows an initial improvement in terms of miles between breakdowns.

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Fleets are spending more time than ever before paying attention to the PM programmes, said FleetNet’s vice president of sales, Paul Gildenhorn.

The equipment’s got to last, is the opinion of one of the fleet managers, referring to the fact that fleets are forced to run equipment for longer periods of time due to supply chain bottlenecks that have made buying new trucks difficult.

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VMRS codes are used by FleetNet to classify breakdowns. According to the study, brakes, tires, powerplants, cranking systems, and exhaust systems accounted for 67 percent of total repairs.

Supervisor, Greg Sullivan, of Marvin Keller Trucking, says the data shows that the best-in-class fleets’ maintenance methods resulted in decreased expenses.

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He adds that he goes through the benchmarking data, paying special attention to the distance between breakdowns, as well as tyres and brakes, and checking up on trends to stay ahead of repairs.