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Extreme Winter Test Done On Volvo Electric Trucks

TNI || New Delhi || 15th Dec 2022

The battery of our phone loses power due to the blistering cold. To dodge the same fate, Volvo Trucks has put to test its trucks in extremely cold conditions close to the Arctic circle.

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Volvo has, due to this, developed a feature that will maintain the battery’s performance even in sub-zero temperatures as well.

Jessica Sandstrom from Volvo Trucks says that their company has customers from all over the world, and their trucks are expected to perform everywhere, which is why harsh climatic testing has become essential, with electric vehicles not being an exception.

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To ascertain what happens to the battery of a truck when the temperature reaches minus twenty-five degrees, Volvo Trucks has conducted a study in the far northern part of Sweden.

Jessica continues that when the testing is done close to the Arctic Circle in Northern Sweden, unpredictable elements of nature are encountered. Since the air builds ice on the truck, it presents a great opportunity to make sure that everything performs the way it should under extreme circumstances.

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The tests that Volvo Trucks have been through stamp their authority as they have worked well in the cold environs. The result that has come out of the testing is a tangible feature called Ready to Run.

This feature prepares the truck for the workday by pre-heating in case of extreme cold weather or cooling the battery in hot weather. The right temperature for the battery is more than 25 degrees, and the driver can preheat or precool the truck via the app.