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EV Training And Certification For Service Techs Launched By Kenworth

TNI || New Delhi || 2nd Nov 2021

 A comprehensive electric vehicle technician and certification program has been launched by Kenworth.

It is a part of its efforts to prepare its dealer points to service electric vehicles in the U.S. and Canada.

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To attain initial EV certification, the technicians from Kenworth must complete a challenging seven-course curriculum based on electrical systems and principles, electrical systems II, cab and chassis electronics, service systems, as well as advanced electrical diagnostics.

The course length is fixed as two to four days. The Kenworth program is a mix of classroom and virtual training.

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The company’s driving to zero emissions features two vehicles namely Kenworth T680E which is class 8, K370E a class 7 model, and K270E, class 6 battery electric vehicle.

The class 7 and 6 models use DC fast charging system which can charge up as quickly as one hour, thereby making them ideal for local pickup, delivery and short regional haul operations.