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EU Needs To Take Stricter Measures For Truck CO2 Targets, Says European Climate Group

TNI || New Delhi || 10th Oct 2021

Transport and Environment (T&E), the European campaign group, said that the European Union needs to dramatically toughen up the CO2 targets set for truck makers to elevate the shift to zero-emission models since the current goals do not provide the backing to do so.

The climate group, in a study called Easy Ride: Why the EU truck CO2 targets are unfit for the 2020s, has found out that improvements in aerodynamics, as well as fuel efficiency, meant that truckers are able to meet the targets under EU’s 2025 CO2 gamut while only having to make a few zero-emission long-haul trucks.

This study has also been able to pry out that most of the truckmakers have made voluntary commitments so far as electric vehicles are concerned that even go beyond the requirements laid out by the EU.

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Lucien Mathieu who is the acting freight director of T&E is of an opinion that truckmakers are now able to decarbonize better and that too quickly and that it is time to make them.

Under the current rules in the EU, the truckers have voluntarily taken targets for zero-emission vehicles to make up 2% of the sales starting 2025.

It is also said that the EU is expected to revise the target. The study has also made a revelation that Swedish truckmaker Scania, due to aerodynamics, is a market leader with CO2 emission levels that are 5.3% lower than the average for the most common kinds of long-haul trucks.

Based on voluntary commitments of trackmaker’s’, T&E estimates zero-emission trucks will make up 7% of sales in 2025 and 43% in 2030. T & E has also called Renault and Iveco laggards with emission levels of 2.6% and 2.4% respectively.