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Escorts Experiences Slight Decline of 1% In Overall Tractor Sales

TNI || New Delhi || 01st Nov 2021

The farm machinery, and construction equipment company, Escorts Ltd. has reported a decline of 1.1% in total tractor sales at 13514 units last month.

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The company had sold 13664 units in the preceding year during the same month.

If we look into the split, when it comes to the domestic tractor sales, Escorts unit sales in October was 12749 units, marking a decline by 3.3% as compared to the previous year.

There was, however, a robust growth of 58.1% recorded when it comes to exports as the company sold 765 units this year against 484 units in 2020.

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With the International market picking up, and the market gaining ground domestically due to the festive season, it is expected that Escorts will recover from the slight decline it has experienced in the local market.