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Ford To Enhance F-150 Lightning’s Production to be 80000 Every Year

EPA Range Rating For 2022 F-150 Lightning Electric Truck

TNI || New Delhi || 23rd March 2022

Ford To Enhance F-150 Lightning’s Production to be 80000 Every Year

The range of Ford’s electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck has been disclosed, and it varies significantly from 230 to 320 miles, depending on the configuration.

The company said that the electric pickup truck has been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency and that customer deliveries would begin in the second quarter of 2022. The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning will be available with two different electric engine options.

The larger, longer-range system is expected to produce 563 hp and 775 lb-ft of torque.

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As a result, the F-150 Lightning will be Ford’s fastest pickup truck.

When fitted with an elongated battery, its anticipated 0-60 mph time will be in the mid-four-second range.

The base model will produce 426 hp and 775 lb-ft of torque. The EPA-rated range for the F-150 Lightning XLT and Lariat trims equipped with the extended range battery is 320 miles.

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According to the EPA, the premium F-150 Lightning Platinum has a range of 300 miles. The regular, or base, version of the numerous trims has a range of 230 miles.

Additionally, fleet clients can buy the longer range battery for the Lightning Pro, which increases the vehicle’s range to 320 miles according to the EPA. Before any federal or state tax credits or purchasing incentives, the commercial-grade starting model begins at $39,974 plus a $1,695 delivery cost.

The XLT model, which starts at $52,974, has extra goodies. The expense of extending the range is an additional $19,500.

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Buyers may be eligible for up to $10,000 in state and federal tax rebates and incentives, depending on their state. After the delivery fee, the Platinum trim costs $91,000.

When Ford first unveiled the vehicle, it stated that the extended range would be 300 miles.

They are laser focused on enhancing the energy usage effectiveness for Lightning, and the team is incredibly thrilled to provide these achievements for their customers, stated Linda Zhang, F-150 Lightning chief programme engineer.

Ford also offered estimations for charging times. The F-150 Lightning adds 30 miles of range each charging hour when using an 80 amp household charging station, taking an extended-range vehicle from 15% to 100% in around eight hours.

FordPass will also provide buyers access to a large open-charge infrastructure of 63,000 stations. According to Ford, the extended-range F-150 Lightning can actually manage a 54-mile range in 10 minutes and charge from 15% to 80% in roughly 41 minutes when using a 150-kilowatt DC fast charger.