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Embark’s Autonomous Fleet To Be Deployed By DHL Supply Chain By 2024

TNI || New Delhi || 2nd Nov 2021

DHL Supply Chain which is a contract logistics company has planned to deploy a fleet of autonomous trucks in its operations with the launch of Embark Driver Software in 2024.

DHL happens to be a member of Embark’s Partner Development Program- PDP. Within the PDP, Embark and DHL have conducted a detailed network analysis to begin planning for deployment, such as determining the lane to prioritise, where all delivery times could be accelerated, the need for several trucks, among others.

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The detailing is done to ensure that DHL can derive maximum inputs from autonomous trucks as soon as they are commercially deployed.

As per Embark officials, DHL is known to be the perfect early adopter of autonomous truck technology.

Jim Monkmeyer, President of transportation for DHL Supply Chain, said that the logistics industry relies heavily on advanced technology solutions such as an increase in speed or adaptation to the growing demand.

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He added that DHL joined PDP by Embark to prepare and mould the autonomous trucks across its network.

Both the companies also plan to work through questions surrounding which DHL facilities would be mapped directly to Embark’s map, which would help support the movements and how DHL will prepare a better workforce to adapt to this transformation.