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eCanter’s New Test Vehicle Showcased For The First Time Ever By Daimler Trucks

TNI || New Delhi || 17th March 2022

At the company’s Kitsuregawa Proving Ground, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation has exhibited test vehicles of its next gen eCanter for the first time.

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MFTBC introduced an updated variant with increased safety measures for the Japanese market in 2020, after introducing Japan’s inaugural series-developed all-electric light-duty eCanter truck in 2017.

In anticipation for its impending debut, the firm is currently working on the testing and development stages of next eCanter.

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This mass-market model will include more improvements when it comes to range and security measures, as well as a broader selection of variants to fulfil a variety of transportation demands.

The truck has been put through its paces in both hot and cold conditions, both at home and abroad. By the formal launch, nearly 1 million kilometres of driving testing will have been conducted.

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Since its inception in 2017, the eCanter has assisted a variety of businesses with their logistics needs, including those in the fashion industry, furnishings sales, medical services, newspaper delivery, and food and entertainment.

Over 350 vehicles have been introduced throughout the US, Australia, Japan, Europe, and New Zealand, covering a total mileage of over 4.5 million kilometres in daily operations.

As economies around the world migrate toward CO2-neutrality, the eCanter has been helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals.

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MFTBC previously stated that by 2039, it intends to power up all new designs for the Japanese market and expedite its transition to CO2-neutrality.

The firm has boosted its expenditure in EV infrastructural development as a result of this commitment. At the Kitsuregawa Proving Ground, MFTBC has been building high-voltage rapid chargers, an electric vehicle workshop, and battery test benches to disassemble and analyse lithium-ion batteries since 2021.

In the case of a natural disaster, the recently installed EV workshop also has a test rig to check the eCanter’s external power source functions.

Other existing facilities at Kitsuregawa have been established to analyse elevated EV components and verify electric truck driving functions.

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Hironobu Ando, who happens to be the VP and Head of Product Engineering, said that they are continuing to develop electric vehicles and expand the EV-dedicated infrastructure.

He adds that their ultimate goal for commercial cars is to reach CO2-neutrality, and by embracing this goal, they will be able to contribute to the long-term viability not only of their clients’ enterprises, but also society as a whole.