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E-Traction, Part of Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group Acquired By Saietta

TNI || New Delhi || 17th Nov 2021

Saietta Group PLC, a specialist in advanced e-mobility propulsion which is high-tech has announced a 100% acquisition of e-Traction B.V., which is owned by Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group.

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This development will accelerate Saietta’s growth chart as it will add new commercial and technical capabilities and also give out an established power electronics production unit.

e-Traction, which is Netherlands based, is the designer as well as supplier of electric drive trains specifically for heavy goods vehicles and buses.

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The company also designs and manufactures high voltage power electronics that include inverters and control systems as well.

The acquisition steps up the development and commercial deployment of Saietta’s AFT, which is considered a high voltage electric motor design and at the same time brings additional products into Saietta’s existing portfolio.

The addition of the e-axle technology from e-Traction seconds the work which is already accomplished by Saietta when it comes to the high-voltage AFT 190 electric motors.

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According to Edgar Ooijman, Chief Commercial Officer at e-Traction’s, by being a part of a reputed group like Saietta, their company has found a strategic partner as both the groups are dedicatedly working towards electric motors as well as drivetrains.

He further said that he is happy that e-Traction’s high level of expertise in e-axle, as well as high voltage components, are connected to Saietta’s strategy.

Notably, all e-Traction employees who have rich experience in designing as well as marketing specialists in electric drivetrains will be joining the Saietta team.