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With One Million Electric Miles, DTNA’s Freightliner Battery Electric Fleets Accomplish A Major Milestone

TNI || New Delhi || 07th Oct 2021

In an announcement made by Daimler Trucks North America, Freightliner battery-electric Innovation and Customer Experience (CX) Fleets have scaled one million miles of usage in the real world by way of fleets operating across Canada and the West Coast.

Earlier this year, the orders for eCascadia and eM2 opened, which made DTNA witness a high demand for its electric trucks already.

According to Rakesh Aneja, who is the Vice President and Chief for eMobility trucks at DTNA, the company has reached a tipping point in the industry.

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He says, there have been a million miles of learning with customers, and they are ready to move from prototype to scale, from tens of customer experience to hundreds of units.

Aneja added that they remain committed to continuously scale-up the vehicle technology, reduce the cost of ownership, and enhance infrastructure development.

The company says that its commitment to electrification goes beyond trucks; with the addition of the Detroit eConsulting team, the customers will witness a streamlined end-to-end process as they go on to electrify their fleet and also navigate the infrastructure.

The Detroit eConsulting team will navigate some of the key issues that the fleets will face, which include coaching driver behavior, elevating in-cabin experience, assessment of the route as well as installation of charging equipment.

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