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Driver-Centric Tools Launched By Lytx

TNI || New Delhi || 3rd Nov 2021

 Lytx has come up with a new suite of tools that is driver-centric and helps drivers to take control of their performance, compliance as well as safety.

The tool is available on the Lytx driver app and can be accessed from Android and iOS devices. The drivers can track and improve their on-road performance with minimal input or interruption from the fleet manager.

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According to Rajesh Rudraradhya, Chief Technology Officer of Lytx, because of the times that we are in, drivers are busier and more stressed than ever, and these driver-centric tools act as an investment to reduce the burden off their shoulders and help them stay motivated and positive when on the roads.

The various features that are available on the Lytx driver app include, videos where drivers have access to the video recorded by the Lytx DriveCam, performance metrics in which they can self analyse and evaluate their performance trend over 90 days.

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Self-coaching which allows them to focus on driving improvements, determining the route risk, as well as ELD compliance by way of which, vehicles can be inspected using tablets or smartphones.

Besides these, the drivers can also access their individual QR code’s, thereby eliminating the need of carrying a badge for scanning separately.