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Diagnosing of Brakes In Real Time Possible Now with TSE-Sense Actuator

Diagnosing of Brakes In Real Time Possible Now with TSE-Sense Actuator

TNI || New Delhi || 13th Sept 2021

In a first, TSE Brakes has announced a new smart air brake actuator that can diagnose issues related to brake in real-time.

This includes issues related to non-functioning brakes, dragging brakes, emergency spring failure, cross-axle brake imbalance over stroke conditions, among others.

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According to company officials at ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council conference in Cleveland, Ohio, due to TSE-Sense, fleets, as well as drivers, can take advantage of telematics to make sure that their brake systems function properly.

TSE-Sense is also designed to gauge multiple reasons for fire caused by brakes in the trailer. It is made up of smart brake actuators that are tagged with a data integration box which consistently monitors brake stroke at each wheel end.

Software is used to look into the brake data to get real-time response and to also ensure preventive diagnostics.

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The TSE-Sense measures the brake stroke of each actuator, logs the brake performance data in the DIB, and monitors the condition of the emergency spring.

By performing brake diagnostic checks at regular intervals, it ensures and verifies that actuator and the entire brake system is functioning the way it should be.

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Notably, brake systems functioning gets affected due to insufficient maintenance and inspection procedures, which often leads to unscheduled repairs and downtime, fuel cost increase, higher cost of operation, and accidents.

TSE-Sense gets combined with the tractor or trailer telematics monitoring system.

It shares continuous updates to the user interface and provides real-time status for key parameters. As per Patrick McNamara, Vice President of sales and marketing, the TSE-Sense brake system’s operational status is regularly available to the fleet and the operator.

He adds that the braking system is the most critical for trucks and trailers, and improperly working brakes will be of no use, especially in a panic-stop situation.  

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