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DFDS Places Highest Ever E-Trucks Order To Volvo Trucks

TNI || New Delhi || 6th Oct 2021

In a recent release by Volvo Trucks, they have received an order for 100 Volvo FM Electric Trucks  from Northern Europe’s largest shipping and logistics company, DFDS.

This deal happens to be the largest commercial order for Volvo Trucks till date and the largest ever for any kind of electric trucks across the world.

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According to Roger Alm, who is the President at Volvo Trucks, this feat is a major milestone in their company’s commitment to a fossil fuel free transportation and that they are extremely proud to have partnered with DFDS.

He added that with this deal both the companies are showing to the world that electrified heavy truck transport has become a viable solution already.

Alm is of an opinion that this deal will encourage more buyers to go all out in their electrification journey.

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The first deliveries of these trucks to DFDS will begin in the fourth quarter of the next year and the supply shall continue throughout 2023. As far as the application of these trucks is concerned, they shall be used for both long and short haul transport by DFDS logistics in Europe.

Niklas Anderson, EVP & Head of Logistics at DFDS said that by placing the largest e truck order, they have put action behind their company’s ambition to reach 45% CO2 reduction target by the end of this decade.