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CVSA’s Inspection On Brake Safety Passed By Most Trucks

TNI || New Delhi || 22nd Oct 2021

During the commercial Vehicle safety alliance’s brake safety week inspection as well as enforcement initiative, a good 88% of the commercial motor vehicles inspected throughout Northern America did not violate brake-related issues.

As per the data, nearly 35,764 vehicles were inspected in North America. The out-of-service rate in the U.S. was 13.5% from the 28,694 commercial motor vehicles which were inspected between 22nd August to 28th August.

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As far as Canada is concerned, the inspection took place on a total number of 1903 commercial vehicles in which the brake-related out of service rate hovered around 15.4%.

In Mexico, on the other hand, 5,167 inspections were conducted, with the out-of-service rate being 2.6%.

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The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducts inspections at fixed weigh stations, temporarily built inspection sites, and during road patroling every year.

The inspections pay exceptional attention to brake components and their system. This year, the focus area happened to be brake hose chafing violations, which were around 5667 across North America.

They were reported in five different categories and illustrated the levels of severity in chafing. The data has been submitted to officials from CVSA.

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