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Cummins Rolls Out Its 15L Natural Gas Engine In North America

TNI || New Delhi || 18th Oct 2021

The zero-emission strategy that Cummins plans to build upon has got a boost in the form of 15-liter natural gas engines.

The company has announced that it will bring the engine to the North American market for heavy-duty trucks.

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The 15L engine will bring with it 1850 ft-lbs torque and ratings up to 500 hp. The weight of this engine is expected to be around 500 lbs lesser than the currently available 15L diesel variant.

The natural gas engine variant can go along well with Eaton Cummins Endurant HD Transmission as well as Cummins fuel delivery system, ensuring a completely integrated powertrain made up of natural gas.

As far as other transmission pairings are concerned, they shall be available at the launch for specialized applications.

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The greenhouse gas emission effect can be at a net or even below zero when the engine is powered with renewable natural gas, made from methane collected from organic waste as the primary source of fuel.

Srikanth Padmanabhan, Cummins’ Engine Business President, says that the company believes the natural gas variant to be a game-changer as it will be a cost-competitive power option vis-a-vis the diesel powertrains in heavy-duty trucking.