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Cummins On The Road To Integrating Automated Driving Systems

TNI || New Delhi || 12th Oct 2021

Cummins has announced that it will be launching a set of software features so as to integrate its powertrains with the automated driving system (ADS) technologies.

As per Cummins, integrating hardware and software in powertrains ends up leading to top performance and fuel economy, and with this technology, it will extend its integration expertise into automated space also.

It is well to be noted that Cummins is currently testing more than 100 vehicles in partnership with ADS technology companies to ensure that a seamless and robust powertrain integration like ADS solutions steps into the commercial vehicle market globally.

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Some of the many companies that Cummins is working with include Kodiak, Embark, Plus, and TuSimple.

Michael Taylor, GM of powertrain integration, Cummins says that with the investment and commitment for autonomous vehicle techniques, their company is all prepared to support its customers via deploying technologies related to autonomous vehicles across a complete range of powertrains, which includes natural gas, advanced diesel, fully electric, and hydrogen fuel cells.

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Taylor added that being the largest independent engine manufacturer that Cummins is, autonomous companies are relying on its integration expertise and powertrain solutions to adopt autonomous driving software within the heavy-duty trucking industry.