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Commercial Vehicle Sales In India-March 2022 Snapshot

TNI || New Delhi || 14th April 2022


In the last month, retail sales of commercial vehicles have increased dramatically. Sales grew by 14.91% to 77,938 units in March 2022, up from 67,828 units in March 2021.

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However, it was a 33.28% decrease from the 1,16,817 unit sales in March 2020. With the exception of Maruti Suzuki, every commercial vehicle Manufacturer has seen an increase in retail sales.

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Tata Motors led the segment in March 2022, selling 33,900 units, up from 28,942 in March 2021. YoY, market share climbed from 42.67% to 43.50%.

Tata Motors is gearing up to unveil the ACE Electric, which was recently spotted filming a TV commercial. Mahindra came in second with a retail trade of 17,349 units in the prior month.

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This represents an increase from the 11,901 unit sales in March 2021. From 17.55% in March 2021, its market share climbed to 22.26%. Retail sales at Ashok Leyland and VE Commercial Vehicles both increased substantially.

Retail sales at Ashok Leyland grew to 11,676 units in March 2022, up from 10,563 units in March 2021. However, market share fell from 15.57% to 14.98% year over year.

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The CNG CV goods carrier, E-Comet Star ICV (intermediate CV) CNG truck line, was just launched by Ashok Leyland. These vehicles come in two gross weights: 16.1 tonne and 14.25 tonne, with three different CNG cylinder configurations.

VE Commercial Vehicles sales grew to 4,566 units in March 2022, with a market share of 5.86%, up from 4,224 units in March 2021. 

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Maruti Suzuki’s commercial vehicle retail sales dipped to 3,803 units in March 2022 from 3,828 units sold in March 2021, indicating that the company is losing money.

Last month, its market share fell to 4.88%, down from 5.64% in March 2021. In this segment, the Maruti Suzuki Super Carry is the most popular model.

It has 54 kW of power and 98 Nm of torque, and it’s India’s only mini CV with a dual-fuel S-CNG option and a 5-liter petrol tank.

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It has a deck surface of 2,183 mm long by 1,488 mm wide and a payload carrying capability of 740 kg. Super Carry is sold through the company’s 335 commercial locations, which are situated in over 237 cities across India. Maruti recently raised output in order to meet rising demand.

Daimler India’s commercial vehicle retail sales increased to 1,548 units last month, rising from 1,442 units in March 2021.

On a year-over-year basis, however, market share fell to 1.99% from 2.13%. Retail sales at SML Isuzu grew to 662 units in March 2021, up from 589 units in March 2021, while retail sales at Force Motors Limited increased to 631 units, up from 405 units in March 2021.

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From 5,934 units sold in March 2021, other OEMs contributed 3,803 units to CV retail sales last month.