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CityLink Partners With WayCool

TNI || New Delhi || 6th April 2022

CityLink and WayCool have teamed up to develop a distribution hub that is fully powered by electric vehicles.

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Electric vehicles have been deployed by CityLink, a Bengaluru-based tech logistics start-up, to provide last-mile logistics for WayCool Foods’ newly launched fresh food distribution centre in Bomanahalli, Bengaluru’s electronic city.

The all-electric fleet at this distribution centre is the first of its kind. CityLink has already purchased 20 electric vehicles.

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They are excited to join with WayCool, a like-minded, responsible firm, that is devoted to adopting profitable, environmentally beneficial practises, said Co-founder and CEO of City Link, Puneet Prashant.

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They believe that, in addition to being environmentally benign, EVs will drive ROI and lower transportation costs in comparison to existing alternatives.

They are pleased to supply WayCool with their electric vehicles for the last mile push and to meet their trucking demands, while also handing over a cleaner legacy to the future generation.

WayCool maintains among the most effective food supply chains in the country, stated Amrit Bajapai, COO of WayCool Foods, in describing the idea.

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They believe in walking the talk when it comes to building climate-resilient supply chains that are also lucrative, and the cooperation with CityLink is yet another step in that direction.

This is the third factory in Bengaluru, and it is powered entirely by electric vehicles. In FY23, they will electrify 40% of the whole fleet, which runs over 500+ locations in southern and western India and transports over 900 tonnes of food every day.

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WayCool Foods manages the food economy’s most comprehensive tech stack. Fresh produce, staples, dairy, and brands such as DeziFresh, Madhuram, Lexotique, Kitchenji, and Fresheys are supplied by the company, which works with around 85,000 farmers.