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CFI Expands Services Under Its Brands

TNI || New Delhi 9th Nov 2021

Missouri based CFI, which is a 70-year old truckload carrier, has once again reinvented itself.

CFI, which is an operating company of TFI International, has expanded into a portfolio of five categories.

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That include a new dedicated service as well. Besides, it has rebranded Transport America and TForce that are dedicated under the CFI name and has also launched the CFI Temp Control.

The reorganized offerings by CFI are Dedicated, Truckload, Temp-Control, Non-Asset Mexico as well as logistics services.

Transport America, which was bought by TFI, was rebranded and integrated into CFI in 2014.

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The dedicated portion will continue to expand itself in January, and that’s when the currently branded TForce also rebrands itself to CFI.

The company has already expanded itself to refrigeration transportation as well through MCT, which is an acquisition through TFI International.

As per Greg Orr, CFI President, they have heard their customers and recognized the companies that would provide a complete array of services under a common brand name.

He further says that CFI today offers an elite logistics and transportation experience, providing an unparalleled competitive advantage.