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CalAmp and Noregon Team Up To Provide Remote Diagnostics And Predictive Maintenance

TNI || New Delhi || 16th March 2022

CalAmp, a telematics company, and Noregon, a diagnostics software company, have joined forces to provide fleet operators with remote vehicle diagnostics and predictive maintenance abilities.

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As part of this agreement, CalAmp fleet management software, edge computing, and cloud platform services will be combined with predictive algorithms in Noregon’s TripVision remote diagnostic software.

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This means that fleets will be able to get alerts about problems with their vehicles before they become critical.

Operators can get a better picture of their tractors, trailers, and cargo by integrating TripVision with iOn, as well as better diagnostics to avoid costly downtime.

TripVision calculates safety and health scores for every vehicle, which are color-coded according to severity, as well as action plans.

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TripVision’s predictive health scores can even forecast the distance and time it would take for an issue to grow. This allows for quick fault identification, which can help save money on maintenance, avoid roadside breakdowns, and keep vehicles running.

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In a news release, Bill Hathaway, CEO of Noregon, remarked that CalAmp stands out in its ability to filter the telemetry data from the tractor to the trailer to the cargo within.

He added that through their partnership, Noregon will be able to add additional data about trailer elements and contents to TripVision.