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C.R. England Upgrading Its Fleet With ZF Air Disc Brakes

TNI || New Delhi || 18th March 2022

By 2024, C.R. England, which is one of North America’s top refrigerated transportation firms, will have switched from ZF to Maxxus L2.0 air disc brakes all over its fleet of 4,000 Freightliner and International trucks.

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In a press statement, Douglas Kading, VP of maintenance at C.R. England, stated that Wabco Maxxus L2.0 air disc brakes allow C.R. England to enhance effectiveness, lower the brake maintenance cost, and reduce weight.

He further said they feel the new brakes will also boost the drivers’ overall braking system experience.

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They chose this because of its straightforward style and ease of upkeep. As per ZF, Maxxus L2.0 brakes are one of the lightest truck air disc brakes available in the North American market, weighing in at 67 pounds. According to ZF officials, the monopiston design has fewer bits than double-piston versions, resulting in less intricacy and speedier ease of management.

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According to ZF, drum brakes have lower performance in some applications, particularly in downhill conditions where friction material traction is reduced.

The sophisticated adjuster mechanism on the Maxxus L2.0 is designed to adapt to changing conditions in order to maintain ideal running clearance, resulting in strong and sustainable performance.

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