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Supply Chain Shortages Jolt Traton; The Company Expects Similar Situation Next Year Too

By 2026, Traton Group Plans To Invest €2.6 Billion In E-Mobility R&D

TNI || New Delhi || 18th March 2022

Supply Chain Shortages Jolt Traton; The Company Expects Similar Situation Next Year Too

The Traton Group is accelerating its transition to commercial vehicles propelled by alternative drives, with plans to invest €2.6 billion in e-mobility research and development by 2026.

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The budget had previously been set at €1.6 billion until 2025. That said, TRATON, at the same time, is reducing its investments in traditional drives. 

Together with its businesses, the Traton Group will play a leading role in sustainable mobility, says Christian Levin, Traton Group CEO. This is why, for the next five years, they have constantly realigned their plans to concentrate on battery electric motors.

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Even for long-haul transportation, such drives are obviously the cleanest, quickest, and also most cheap option for the customers. However, hydrogen may prove to be a beneficial addition in some areas.

Even the grid’s power load is moderate, because trucks are charged largely during supply peaks and demand troughs. He adds that this is why they must concentrate their efforts on constructing the infrastructure that they so desperately require.

The creation of a rapid charging network for passenger vehicles presents a great opportunity for synergies as well.

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Compared to hydrogen trucks, pure battery electric trucks have a distinct advantage: three-quarters of the energy output is used to power electric cars, compared to one quarter for hydrogen trucks.

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That is the reason their top priority is to invest in completely electric automobiles, says Levin. By 2030, they expect half of the long-haul vehicles to be zero-emission, assuming the necessary legal processes and equipment are in place.

As part of a joint venture, the Traton Group plans to partner alongside Daimler Truck as well as the Volvo Group to build a universal charging infrastructure for electric heavy-duty trucks and coaches.

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By 2021’s end, all partners signed a legally binding agreement, which is now seeking antitrust approval. Within five years of the joint venture’s establishment, the idea is to deploy a minimum of 1,700 high-performance green energy charging stations around Europe.