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BPCL Plans To Provide 100 Rapid EV Charging Corridors On National Highways

TNI || New Delhi || 15th April 2022

Bharat Petroleum (BPCL) stated on Wednesday that it will invest Rs 200 crore this year to build 100 fast electric vehicle (EV) charging zones with 2,000 stations along the country’s busiest 100 national highways.

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With a single charging station, Bharat Petroleum has launched the first ever EV charging corridor along the Chennai-Trichi-Madurai route.

On the Kochi-Salem segment of National Highway 47, another corridor is expected to come up.

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In case a charging unit does not require a booster transformer, such a unit, which would be a full-fledged centre providing rest rooms, refreshments and food court, among other amenities, can be ready at a cost ranging from Rs 7–12 lakh.

BPCL’s executive director for retail told news agency PTI. If the unit demands a transformer, the cost will go up to Rs 25 lakh.

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Given this cost difference, they have budgeted for roughly Rs 200 crores of expenditure this year, Ravi said, as they want to install as many as 2,000 rapid charging points across 100 corridors by March 2023.

The third corridor, he said, will most likely be the Mumbai-Bengaluru National Highway 4, which will have numerous units because it has the most traffic.

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By FY25, the company plans to install 7,000 quick EV charging stations. The official, however, did not reveal any information on the investment.

Ravi stated that BPCL, which has a close to 30% retail market share in both petrol and diesel, expects that the EV environment will grow quicker than previously predicted, and that their company intends to play a key role in laying the groundwork for this ambitious effort.

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The government has also offered incentives to encourage domestic electric vehicle manufacturing and sales. Since the charging points will not be economically feasible due to low footfalls in the beginning, Ravi said his company will seek incentives from the central or state government.