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Boliden, A Mining Business, Buys 74-Tonne Scania Truck For Massive Transport

TNI || New Delhi || 17th March 2022

TNI Scania Trucks

The mining company Boliden will receive a 74-tonne electrified vehicle for heavy loads in April 2022.

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The electrified Scania truck helps achieve the company’s goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030.

Electrified automobiles are becoming more widespread on northern Sweden’s roadways.

Hauling business Renfors Akeri AB will drive the electrified truck, which has a total weight of 74 tonnes with cargo and trailer, on a 30-kilometer return trip on public roads near the mines in northern Sweden.

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Head of E-Mobility, Scania, Fredrik Allard, says that, once again, they have demonstrated that entirely electrified solutions for big vehicles are technically feasible.

The pace of change is amazing! It’s critical that infrastructure keeps up with demand so that more people can take this step.

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Allard further says that working on this kind of idea for heavy electrified activities with partners like Boliden, who want to push growth, not least in the environmental area, is also highly useful.

As per Jonas Ranggrd, Boliden’s Program Manager, trying an electrified option for extremely large trucks at a preliminary phase and leading to the growth and shift to achieving sustainability are both on their agenda. 

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He adds that the electric Scania truck would cut emissions in one of the most critical flows in their operations and further reinforce the strong climate performance.

This electric vehicle is the result of Scania and Boliden’s collaborative and creative pre-development work.

The agreement also opens the door to electrifying more of Boliden’s transportation flows in the future.

The electric truck’s technical solutions are based on current series-produced technology, although with sturdier parts added, enabling the electrified vehicle to perform throughout difficult operations.

Scania’s series-produced solutions will have this powerful load capacity and a much longer range within 24 months. This truck is expected to arrive in the second quarter of 2022.

The project is part of REEL, Regional Electric Logistics, a CLOSER-led initiative supported by the Fordonsstrategisk forskning och Innovation (FFI) programme to pave the way for the Swedish market’s migration to electrified freight transport.