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How to Increased Comfort and Cleanliness in Your Truck?


As we are going through these unprecedented times amid the coronavirus pandemic, truckers are having no option to work from home, they are driving as usual miles and miles for longer hours to transport necessary items like food and medical supplies around the country.

As the demand of home delivery of groceries and other staples, increased manifold due to the necessity of social distancing truckers are facing more challenges to keep themselves safe.

They expose themselves to health risks every day as they keep the supply chain intact and fulfil the demand of our basic household needs and protective gears.

While truck drivers are able to practice social distancing when on the road, they are potentially exposing themselves to the virus at every pick-up, drop-off and gas station stop they make along the way.

Truck Drivers must consider these measures to keep themselves healthy, safe and comfortable while delivering goods across the country.

Before delivering your duties, make sure you have proper products to protect yourself from the virus.

Cover your face:

As Per authorities’ recommendations, everyone cover their mouth and nose with a cloth face cover, mask when out in public to prevent spreading COVID-19.

While many places are out of stock, there a various method of making a homemade mask with items you already have that will be just as effective.

Use alcohol-based disinfectant

Disinfectant product is a good defence against the coronavirus, indeed, any viruses. Whether it’s wipes, sprays or liquids, these cleaners are a must-have for the truck drivers who’s in and out of their cabin multiple times a day, touching many different surfaces.

Disposable Gloves

Truck Drivers must use nitrile or vinyl gloves if disinfectants are not available. Given the frequency and variety of surfaces which are touched every day, these gloves are certainly must-have items and should be properly changed and/or disposed of following each delivery so germs aren’t transferred back into your cab.

Use waterless Hand Cleaners

Always carry a bottle of waterless hand cleaner and use it, when water is not available. During the journey, there are always those times when your bare skin is going to get soiled and require thorough cleaning. While soap and hot running water are the best for washing hands, yet again, the driver who’s constantly on the road doesn’t always have that as a regular option.

So, in that case use waterless hand cleaner. It gets all the grime off and cleans up with some paper towels or clean shop rags.

Keep hand sanitizer in your truck

Cleaning away the dirt plays a role in keeping viruses at bay therefore always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol in your truck at all times to further clean and disinfect your hands.

And maintain the best practice wash your hands with soap and water when you get the first chance, especially before eating or touching your face.

Always carry a Glass Cleaner:

Visibility through the cabins glass is of utmost importance for safety. Truck drivers never know what kind of weather they’ll encounter.

So, especially in the middle of Covid 19 when you are not sure to get technical and cleaning help while driving on highway.

 So, make it a point to carry glass cleaner and some microfiber cloths. The great thing about glass cleaner is that it gets the job done on the outside glass, inside glass, and even the truck’s headlights and taillights.

Carry and use correct and proper accessories to live with safety on road while driving to your destination. Be safe, keep driving.

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