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Aurora Innovation Inc Launches A Pilot Program With Uber Freight To Transport Goods In Texas

TNI || New Delhi || 16th Dec 2021

Aurora Innovation has devised a pilot plan with the freight unit of Uber Technologies Inc, wherein it will transport goods in Texas and hence integrate autonomous trucking into the freight shipping platform by Uber.

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The company has said that it has already started autonomously transporting goods for Uber’s freight customers between Houston and Dallas from last week.

Aurora has rolled out plans to initiate a commercial autonomous trucking business in Texas by the end of 2023. Notably, Uber has acquired 26% ownership interest in Aurora last year.

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Because of these trucks that are autonomus, shippers will not only be able to increase the utilization but will also be able to haul more goods in between terminals.

Self-driving trucks do not have a restriction of hours, but human truck drivers do.

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They can’t exceed 11 hours a day. The pilot program will deploy drop and hook loads where a driver will drop off a full container at the terminal and then immediately grab a new one without time wastage.