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An Industry Benchmark Set By Daimler Truck With Redundant Truck Platform Scalable For Autonomous Driving

TNI || New Delhi || 4th Dec 2021

Daimler Truck is in the process of developing an autonomous scalable truck platform that fits in well for SAE level 4 autonomous driving as well as redundancy systems that are a prerequisite to achieving safe and reliable operations.

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The four key areas that need to be taken care of are braking systems, the low voltage power net, the steering system, and network communications.

In cases where any of the primary systems encounter a glitch, it will be level 4 that will be able to effectively monitor, evaluate and deploy the backup system to safely control the truck.

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It is well to be noted that the L-4 truck platform is based on Cascadia, which is a market leader from Freightliner and is perfect for the integration of autonomous software, hardware, and computing.

The first variant of the vehicle has already been delivered for integration with the Waymo driver.

If there is a fault that is critical to the functioning of the vehicle, the autonomous driving system would take over to allow the truck to go ahead with a safety protocol and execute risk with minimal manoeuver and make the vehicle come to a stop.

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Daimler Truck, Head of Technology, Dr. Peter Vaughan, opines that as every smart autonomous driving system requires a strong foundation, their L-4 can significantly contribute to enhancing safety in case of traffic, all because of a multitude of sensors and systems redundancy.

He adds that the system brings them much closer to accident-free driving.