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Alcoa Reduces The Weight of New Wheels

TNI || New Delhi || 14th March 2022


Alcoa has introduced two new aluminium wheels, claiming to have the lightest heavy-duty truck wheels in the world.

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At the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council annual convention in Orlando, Florida, the new Alcoa ULT36x 22.5″ x 8.25″ wheel and the lighter Alcoa 84U61x and 84U64x 22.5″ x 14″ wheels were unveiled.

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The Alcoa ULT36x 22.5″ x 8.25″ wheel is three pounds lighter than the previous model, weighing only 36 pounds and featuring proprietary MagnaForce alloy. Among the highlights are:

  • Switching from steel to aluminium in all positions saves up to 0.9 gallons of gasoline per 1,000 kilometres
  • The load capacity is 7,400 pounds
  • Advanced Alcoa Finishes Alcoa High Polish and Mirror Polish¬†
  • Dura-Bright and Dura-Black surface treatments
  • Wheel design with a pending patent

According to the company, the new Alcoa ULT36x wheel also includes vHub Bore Technology, which decreases hub-to-wheel area of contact by up to 64% compared to comparable aluminium wheels on the market, leaving fewer areas for corrosion to occur.

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It also comes with a one-of-a-kind valve access for easy inflation and pressure inspections from all angles.

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The technology integrates with standard automatic tyre inflation systems as well as the Halo Tire Inflator, bringing the inner and outer dual valves into the wheel well for easier access.

Alcoa Wheels recently unveiled what it claims is the world’s lightest 22.5″ x 14″ truck wheel.

The wheel now weighs only 49 pounds, 3 pounds less than its predecessor, and is built of unique MagnaForce alloy.

It has a load rating of 12,800 pounds. When changing from steel dual wheels and tyres on an 18-wheeler, fleets will save over 1,400 pounds because they weigh substantially less than a similar steel wheel.