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Alcoa Introduces Dual Valve Wheel

Alcoa Introduces Dual Valve Wheel

TNI || New Delhi || 14th Sept 2021

During the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council’s Fall meeting held in Ohio.

Alcoa Wheel has introduced a new forged aluminum dual valve wheel, which according to the company, will address issues with popular tire pressure monitoring systems.

Due to a second valve stem, the tire pressure monitoring system sensor will be able to operate on one valve while air pressure will be serviced on the other.

Interestingly, there will be no disruption due to the removal of equipment during the airing up or maintenance of the tires.

Amy Gross, Alcoa Wheel’s Marketing Manager says that the sensor that goes on the valve stem happens to be a critical component that connects the tire and TPMS system.

According to her, when there is only one valve stem to inflate the tire, the sensors need to be removed from the valve stem, which is time-consuming, and besides, the sensors tend to get lost in the process, which can up the cost and also deplete the effectiveness of the entire TPMS system.

Alcoa has worked with TPMS maker Doran Manufacturing to develop this solution.

As per Lee Demis, VP of business development at Doran Manufacturing, what Alcoa Wheel has brought to market is a way to leave the sensor on one stem and have a flow-through cap on another which makes the inflation of the tire and the maintenance easier.

All this ends up making life seamless for technicians as well as drivers.