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After the U.S, Canada Also Wants Cross Border Truckers To Get Vaccinated

TNI || New Delhi || 24th Nov 2021

Canada, in a recent announcement, has said that it will require both American and Canadian truckers to be double vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus by January next year.

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This announcement is a result of the Biden Administration proposing a mandate that required all Canadian cross border truck drivers to get vaccinated by January 2022.

With these developments taking place at a brisk pace, the Canadian Trucking Alliance is calling on American and Canadian authorities to give more time to prepare.

The alliance has warned that a hasty implementation could prove to be more damaging for the North-American supply chain, which is already under the weather due to driver shortage.

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The deadline in January gives a little time, especially to the long haul drivers to arrange both the shots due to the amount of time they spend away from their homes.

Till the point this announcement was made, truck drivers came under the gamut of essential workers and were permitted to cross the border.

CTA had already expressed issues last month when the US announced that it would want all inbound foreign nationals, be it essential or not, to be double vaccinated.

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As per CTA, 70% of the $650 billion of trade between the US and Canada moves by truck.

It is estimated that 10-20% of the Canadian drivers and 40% of American drivers would exit cross border business if the prerequisites of getting vaccinated with both the shots go as per the schedule.