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After A 20-Year Hiatus, The National Truck Census Is Reintroduced

TNI || New Delhi || 05th March 2022


The federal government is reviving the Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey, a measure for assessing light, medium, as well as heavy-duty vehicle trends in the United States that could assist in planning potential infrastructure, congestion, and safety improvements, after two decades of dormancy.

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In February, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics started collecting data for VIUS. The last time the survey was conducted was in 2002.

The government will use data from a study involving 150,000 randomly chosen vehicle owners to better understand how trucks are used to transfer diverse items, with a focus on their physical and operational features.

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The survey examines how vehicles performed throughout the preceding calendar year.

The VIUS 2021 will be done in collaboration with the Federal Highway Administration, the Department of Energy, and the Census Bureau in order to truly comprehend the features and use of vehicles on US roadways.

The data will direct infrastructure investments, vehicle technologies, and parts, according to the BTS. It’s also used to assess truck safety, emissions predictions, and environmental practises.

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Between 1967 and 2002, the programme, which started as the Truck Inventory and Use Survey in 1963, began issuing assessments of the collected data every five years.

Due to federal funding cuts, it was phased down 20 years ago. The new poll, which was previously based on paper questionnaires sent to approximately 130,000 car owners who were randomly picked through statewide motor vehicle records, will be completed online.

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The 2021 VIUS study seeks to contact 150,000 truck owners in Classes 1 through 8. It is looking for data on pickup trucks, be it minivans, SUVs, light vans, straight trucks, or tractors, among other vehicle body types.

Owners will get either the Heavy Truck Questionnaire or the Light Vehicle Questionnaire, depending on the size of the vehicle.

The survey will run through October 2022. The results should be available in the fall of 2023.