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A Refreshed Transflo Intelligent Automation (TIA) Suite Released By Transflo

A Refreshed Transflo Intelligent Automation (TIA) Suite Released By Transflo

TNI || New Delhi || 18th Sept || 2021

A new Transflo Intelligent Automation (TIA) suite of document automation services has been introduced by Transflo that will provide carriers, factoring providers, brokers, shippers, and freight auditors with new tools so that they can manage and process load documents and paperwork.

According to the company, the TIA suite of services will prominently cut the number of days that are taken to bill customers and thereby receive the payment for the services that have been rendered to them.

Besides this, it also minimizes working hours spent by the back-office personnel by ensuring the accuracy of document input, eliminating tracking errors, and long-term paper document storage.

The TIA will pull data from digitized freight documents that will range from bills of lading, proof of deliveries to freight invoices, maintenance reports, and hours of service logs.

Through TIA, document capture could be done quickly and easily by drivers on the road with the help of the Transflo Mobile+ app or even at the 2,500 truck stop locations across the Transflo Express network.

The extracted data once automatically processed will be delivered to the pre-selected fleet personnel and integrated into their respective invoicing, TMS platforms, accounting, and maintenance reporting.

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Automatically classified, indexed, as well as uploaded, the documents will be used for long-term storage within a web-based dashboard, the Transflo Portal, which will serve as a single point of contact for integration with TMS platforms.

Due to the cloud-based architecture, TIA makes optimal use of machine learning and robotic process automation to improve the automated data extraction and processing functions.

Transflo is currently processing zillions of documents in a month with the ability to go to over ten times the current volume.